Belgian Sea Service Flintlock pistol (customized. )

Belgian Sea Service Flintlock pistol (customized. )

This pistol seems to have had an interesting history with perhaps a good story behind it if only it could speak. It is a Belgian Sea Service pistol which has been customized with good brass studding and the addition of a ramrod. As these pistols were widely available to all European seamen during the Napoleonic Wars period the story could be one of capture and customization by anyone or customized on purchase.
Who knows, but it is , for us 200 years later, a handsome piece of history.

Walnut stock Brass fittings and trigger guard. All over quality brass studwork. Under-barrel ramrod and steel lanyard rings.

No visible stamps or markings.

41 cm overall length.

Code: 50630

550.00 GBP